Moon hunt

Mommy…..Where’s the moon!!! 

The moon!!! Look …it’s gone!!!

I can’t see it…..Look ….Do u see it??

It was there yesterday…It’s gone today?

Where do u think it’s disappeared?

Let’s ask Mr.neighbor….Do u think he saw it….I’m sure he did he’s always looking up and dreaming

No he didn’t see it too….How could that be mom?

Do you think Jacky next door was barking at it…..I’m sure he scared the moon away….C’mon mom let’s ask doggy if he scared away the moon

No mom he’s asking me the same thing back….If I saw it

Mom do you think it ran away or …..

What mommy …U say it’s on a holiday!!

But he didn’t tell me

…He’s just gone!!

Never seen so much wonderment in a life for something so simple….And yet there I was wondering at my little ones face of surprise,shock or intrigue. I was just there taking in the whole moment and also trying to come up with instantaneous and witty answers 

And I did say Mr.moon’s gone to sleep or Mr.moon’s annoyed at kids not having dinner hence hiding or that hes playing peek a boo
But when is it and why is it we start answering playfully or answer  kiddish stuff , when it’s easier to just say the real answer..The moon is waned and it will return after a few days in full roundness ..

There as simple as that and then return to answer more sub questions.

Is it because we want them to stop cross questioning or simply because we think their brain can’t get what we say. Either reason we are wrong I say

The more we explain the earlier the smarter they can think when they grow up . It’s easier to learn new and right than to unlearn and learn again for the tiny brains.

So let’s trace the moon back to them in an easy straight way:)


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