Gone case


#dailypost #shootingstar

A few seconds before I could begin typing this the page was gone.

This got me frustrated to imagine starting a page all over. But before I could start cursing my technical or blogical incompetency , the edit tab appeared again causing my rising temper to be gone

Now that’s two things gone so far….Oops theres the third one…. (Giggles)

No seriously I begin to wonder if I can I survive at this rate with the next generation,who is feeding on touchscreens and voice commands and here I am learning to write(edit)a blog. Isn’t technology a little far gone that it’s stealthily fading lines between humans and humanity and we are so excited by each new e-stuff that all the o-stuff(I meant ossum) is vaporising

Oh now again why can’t I stick to the topic and as always de rail to a nonsense that starts making absolute sense that finally I am gone from whatever we were talking about right now

If you stood by me to read upto here I must say you are a gone case just like me(Giggles) but a tolerant one not a martyr though


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