I grew up poor . I realised it after I got rich

The state of inferior quality living or insufficient in amount 

I had  felt neither during my beautiful years in my hometown and living off my dad’s slim paychecks

Of course I was aware of white collars minting more cash than the blue collars like my father, but I never was given an instance in my entire life under his budget to feel I was getting any lesser than my richer friends are.

We studied in same schools wore same uniforms played the same sports outside school went to the same shopping center for the necessities

What I was always not permitted was to visit other houses , either play on the streets or in our house

And the vigor with which this rule was laid upon on me I wouldnt dream of doing otherwise

As I was growing up it started to dawn on me that my parents had an authoritarian style of parenting and that all their love was focussed on the protective mode that reflected like a suffocative mode from my side of the grass

It’s much later to be precise after I graduated to parenthood I realised, it wasn’t just a physical protection. It was an insulation against emotional imbalance and social truths

Probably if I was adventurous to break some of the rules , I would have seen and noticed and questioned the differences and maybe developed a personality of inferiority, but since that didn’t happen ignorance was bliss

And thus I say I have yet to realise what  real poverty is and how best to tackle it


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