Dishwasher dias

Dinners done, clean up the table , shift leftovers to fridge , warm some water, aprons tied, begin dish washing , the only work I worship .

Ever since I turned old enough to lend a hand to  mommy dearest in the kitchen,apart from peeling the garlic this is one job I’ve not missed attendance on.

And why do I love doing it, as this entire action takes about an hour (when I started off) , and there’s no movement involved, I get to stay in a place and just look straight (well straight ahead is the  road and a early to bed neighbor) and shut off all external chaos at home to some moments of reflection.

Now mostly these reflections surfaces some stuffs I could have done but didn’t care to do , some interesting snippets of conversations , some glimpses flashing from the day and of course some resolutions for the next.

Whats more beautiful than reliving a day throughout?


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