Training a group of gurus – static to dynamic growth

In a renowned school of international syllabi , the oppurtunity to grow professionally was immense( infact an explosion of growth)

Though I havent worked in schools of common calibre or the more common public schools , it has often made me wonder  if my own teachers had reached a point of saturation by repeated monotonous pouring of the exact same information year after year .teachers of the highest experience in terms of work or in terms of age has oftentimes lead me to distractions of thought . thoughts that mostly scream that they the instructors or teachers are highly contempt on this feild and would definitely would like to move on if not ahead in life. Changes would be inviting.

But what if the direction of change is from the newer end of the strata , will it be as inviting as forethought

Well, i see two scenarios here. I have faced only two hence two, there could be more type of expected oservations

Scene 1:

A group of teachers from the static schools – schools where profesional development and payscale has been not quite dynamic to the extent of a motivaion.

These teachers have often been recognised year after year as individuals who can produce high end results. they have also been recognised for their year of “selfless service towards education”

Now i wonder if suddenly these teachers were exposed to a new environment and expect them to be high performers just as they were, what percentage of them would be?

What would drive them to get there?

Scene 2 :

A group of high energy teachers not so experience in terms of work or age , but willing to learn or explore evvery avenue that crosses their path.

Now these are professionals from a dynamic environment – an institution that fosters professional growth that will be tagged with increasing payscales on performance

If these individuals are suddenly thrown into an arena of a new resources or process, will they face it with as less as resistance as possible. Will their dynamic promotional environment driv them to face up new recurring changes?


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