Christmas growing up

xmas-picture-1Jingle bells and Santa claus are my earliest memories of christmas.To this day my mind rings up this song and this old mans face for the word christmas.

But at the time when life hits a quarter century one starts looking back a little and sees that as you grew up, along grew Christmas

The earliest christmas memories starts from the school that calls for less classes and more practice sessions and back home start collecting hay for making crib,although all I remember about hay is my kitty curling up in it to stay warm and we siblings curling up with the kittens to have some fun

As we got into early teens shopping for the latest trends and playing the secret santa gave us headsup on the seasons feelings.  At that age passing secret letters, inviting giggles and disrupting the whole peace of class gave a sense of achievement and christmassy feel. back home catching up with cousins ,planning a masterplan for a room sized crib panning till the eve of christmas eve and finally freaking out and getting a prototype of the masterplan out , again feeling achieved.

College christmas meant getting yourself invited to as many parties as possible to maximise socialising and also as everyone is on a gleefully happy note ,its also the time of many friendships-a-blooming and many a relationships on fire. At home it becomes imperative to try out every cake recipes that is shown on the christmas specials and share it with every neighbor who you know will comment on it positively although you know exactly they wont ask another piece of it.

At a higher academic level,  december was scheduled to be the month of semester exams,phd entrance exams, placement trainings and prayers for a astounding career, back home christmas was finding excuses to not build cribs and to not mae cakes but scooting to non christian homes for a group study for the exams and a simple famly christmas dinner.Though the silence has crept in christmas , your parents play along as they realise your future hangs on those critical moments of december and so they choose to postpone christmas to new year eve

The following years christmas is a season of celabration as you always saw it on TV with lots of lights all over your house, a readymade crib and a decked up christmas tree and lots of gift exchanges and lot more cratons of food . It is a rich mans christmas as there are more earning hands and fresh oness that are spendthrifts

And if you got married meanwhile , then Christmas is all about relative bonding time , its the time of year you are again meeting that aunt and uncle who you beamed at on the wedding day and never again saw. Christmas is a time now to return to your now silent household(as you have taken much of the noise away with you to the inlaws) is now a time of rejoice for your parents as they see you after a long break and for them it is a christmas truly at heart  🙂


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